When The Buyer Backs Out: Real Estate Sales SolutionsWhen The Buyer Backs Out: Real Estate Sales Solutions

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When The Buyer Backs Out: Real Estate Sales Solutions

The first time I sold a house, I had no idea that the buyer could back out of the contract partway through. I was taken aback when it happened to me, and my real estate agent had to explain the process of terminating the contract and requesting the earnest deposit. After the contract was terminated, I spent a lot of time researching why a buyer could back out of a sale, what I could do about it as the seller, and ways to minimize the risk of it happening. I created this site to share what I've learned in the hopes of preventing other homeowners from experiencing what I did. I hope it helps you to be better prepared as you sell your home.



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Interested In Buying A Tiny Home? 3 Lifestyle Changes To Consider First

Buying a tiny home can be an enticing way to save money on some of your energy bills, as well as eliminating or at least decreasing the likeliness of needing a huge mortgage. While buying a tiny home, a house that's under 1000 square feet, has a number of benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Before rushing to buy a tiny home with the benefits in mind, you'll need to first consider some of the lifestyle changes you'll face so that you can move forward with confidence.

Reduced Storage Can Be Hard to Adjust To

One of the strangest things that you'll need to get used to if you move into a tiny home is the reduced amount of storage available to you. Many people make the mistake of bringing along too many items, leading to their home looking cluttered and difficult to keep neat.

While getting rid of excess items that you truly don't need is a good place to get started, you'll also want to invest in quality storage solutions. Finding furniture with storage inside, such as an ottoman or a bed with drawers underneath, can all be good options for maximizing the storage in your new home.

Guests Likely Won't Have a Place to Sleep

If you're used to entertaining friends or family members at your home, this is something you may need to give up if you're living in a tiny home. While tiny homes that are larger should have extra bedrooms or room for a fold-out sofa bed, the especially tiny homes may be lacking space for any extra guests. Understanding this can help you determine if a tiny home is right for you.

Limited Space Means Being Closer Together

For families—especially those with children or pets—it's important that you understand what the smaller square footage means for your family dynamic. Having less space for yourself can lead to arguments if you aren't used to being in such a confined space. Having an isolated place for each family member and making sure that the backyard provides an extra space away from the home can go a long way towards making everyone feel at ease.

If you're intending on buying a tiny home, it's so important that you recognize what it will be like living in a smaller space. With the above lifestyle changes in mind, you can move forward with purchasing your tiny home without surprises. Work with a company like Service First Realty to find the perfect home.